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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Stamp – #5

RIM's new boss is certainly making his mark. Make yours with CanMark!

Cue up the band, Paul Schafer, because it’s time for another Top 10 5 list.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve told you about the numerous reasons why you need a stamp. Well, after some careful deliberation in the office, we’re going to give you five reasons over the next few days as to why a CanMark stamp is necessary in your office.

Let’s start from the bottom at #5

Executive Changeover

Whether you’re a large company like Research in Motion (not that we’d pick on them or anything…) or just a smaller company in Winnipeg, changeover happens, at times without a moment’s notice. People come and go without a care in the world it seems these days.

So what is a company left to do in these situations? Simple – put a mark on the changes to a company with a new rubber stamp!

While the image above is a bit jestful in nature, it is something to seriously keep in mind. If you’re in a pinch with a new individual coming on board, a stamp prepared by CanMark Industries can help you make up temporary letterheads or business cards with your exec’s new information. This can be done cleanly and cost-effectively without going to the expense of a rush print job.

Stay tuned. You’re going to like what else we’ve cooked up for you.

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