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Make it Personal with CanMark

The summer months are here and with it comes vacation time for employees in Winnipeg.

Yes friends, your office by now is a lot emptier than it was just a couple short months ago. The rotation of your staff and the notations of “in” and “out” on your wall-chart is probably driving you a little batty right about now.

While we can’t stop people from taking vacation, we can make them feel appreciated with they get back, and there’s nothing that makes people feel more welcome in an office than having a personalized item waiting for them on their desk.

So why not surprise your workers when everyone’s back in the office with some personalized supplies?

From Self-inking Stamps bearing your employees name to engraved desk tags and signs, the possibilities are endless for what you can do for your employees to show them that they are valued by your company, and in a tough market where recruiters are scooping employees quicker than ever, you want to have that advantageous stance and make sure your employees are feeling appreciated.

To learn more about great personal employee gifts, contact CanMark Industries today.

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