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Plaques – More Affordable Than You Think

Being a business owner in Winnipeg,  you’re always on the lookout for a method of motivating your employees.

This usually comes down to two options – tickets to events like concerts or Jets games, or restaurant gift certificates.

While these are great gift ideas, they’re not quite going to be as motivational as you think. Sure, the recipient will feel good the day of and probably one day after, but what about two weeks from now when the food is long gone and the Bombers hit another losing streak? (Sorry for the low blow Paul.)

That’s why we truly believe that the best motivator is a plaque, award or similar commemoration which you can get directly from CanMark Industries here in Winnipeg. We have a variety of models to choose from that look great and will be a constant reminder for your employees – especially the over-anxious Gen Y’ers – that their hard work is greatly appreciated.

And guess what? They’re more affordable also!

That’s right. For a fraction of the cost of two tickets to Katy Perry you can give your valued employee a real sense of belonging and appreciation.

So if you’ve ever thought of kickstarting an Employee of the Month award or are coming up on awards season, be sure to check out CanMark Industries for your recognition needs.

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