For most of Winnipeg, payday is met with great anticipation; but for those who are signing the cheques, payday means one thing – another round with the wrist brace.

Same thing goes if you are a volunteer whose signature appears at the bottom of a donation letter or if you’ve just hosted a wedding and are filling out thank-you notes – that inevitable sting that hits your wrist midway through your work that gives your hand a jolt.

We’d like to offer up an alternative to this unnecessary pain – a signature stamp.

Signature stamps will perfectly replicate your John or Jane Hancock, flawlessly each time you use it. A traditional rubber stamp or self-inking model will do the trick for you and give you a look that doesn’t look like it’s been generated by the office printer (after all – you still want a measure of authenticity).

Of course, when you are using our Stamp Design Wizard to make your new signature stamp, we recommend that you make it the cleanest possible. This stamp will be useful for many years to come, so ensure that it is your best work.

To learn more about signature stamps available at CanMark, contact us today.

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