DELAYEDAt long last, we reach the pinnacle of our countdown – the number one, singlemost reason why you need a stamp.

And it’s one that will be close to the…hearts(?)… of Winnipeg faithful (and no, it’s not “50% Off”).

You see, living in Winnipeg means one thing – longer-than-anticipated waiting time.

It seems like everything in our city is given a grace period. If you’re heading to your friends for dinner, they expect you 15 minutes late while you wait for the babysitter. Got a big meeting downtown? Traffic and construction means you’re going to be 20 minutes late. Ready to move your sports team into a new facility? Well… yeah that’s not quite going as planned either.

Perhaps this is where Manitoba gains its “Friendly” moniker – because there’s a built in expectation that you are going to be a little later than would normally be accepted.

Still, even in a case where something won’t be delivered on time, there is a social norm that is expected, that being the “I’m going to be a few minutes late” call. Not giving such a notice is almost as frowned upon as not waving to someone when they let you into their lane while driving.

That’s why we at CanMark heartily recommend this stamp – our “Delayed” stamp – is something you definitely need for your office. Letting your team know that a decision on their query is going to be late or sending a notice to your client that the work on their home is behind schedule is essential to the survival of your business.

So don’t delay and create your “Delayed” stamp in our online store now. And don’t worry – this is one item that will not be arriving late!

APPROVEDWhile we talked yesterday about the usefulness of a “Pending” stamp, we’re moving on to the next stage today – “Approved”.

Whether it’s the same day a proposal comes in or a week, month or even year after, “Approved” may be the best kind of stamp that any one of your employees can hope to see. Their tireless work has finally been recognized and now they’re seeing the fruits of their hours of work in making a pitch for your company. To them “Approved” splashed across their document is as good as gold.

But they’re not the only ones who like to see that word. If you’re in the financial industry, “Approved” is probably the stamp you want to use the most (and definitely anyone applying for a loan wants). If you’re a philanthropist, an “Approved” stamp will come in handy when you receive your requests for major donations  . Heck, a prospective father in law may want to have fun with the man who comes to you asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage and put your “Approved” stamp right next to your “Pending” piece, just to mess with them a bit.

Unquestionably, there are several other uses for an “Approved” stamp, and we know you’re ready to get started with yours. So head over to our online store and create your custom approved stamp today!

Can't give an immediate response? Keep conversation going with a "Pending" stamp from CanMark Industries

We continue our countdown of the Top 5 Reasons You Need a Stamp today with #3, and this is one that should “occupy” a couple of your thoughts.

Dealing with complaints in the office is never fun. At times, all it takes is one rebel rouser to stir it up the right way and before you know it, your entire office is in chaos with demands, either formally through a union or informally via a couple notes in a suggestion box (if such things are in your office – if not, we can make you up a “suggestions” nameplate to hang over a proper receptacle).

The key to handling the situation? Response.

At times, any response will do – the rabble you hear from concerned employees or employees simply want it known that their voices are being heard.

If you can’t give an immediate response that you believe will calm your constituents, then you can still provide them with hope. Simply mark their request as Pending with a stamp courtesy of CanMark Industries.

Now you may have a chuckle at this scenario, but Pending is a legitimate response when dealing in some business areas where providing an update on progress is crucial to your company’s financial planning moving forward. Think of these situations:

  • A project that has been tabled for a few months
  • A requested advance on someone’s next pay installment
  • A new concept that requires in-depth review before it is brought to your executives.

Now these are just a few of the spots that we believe a custom “Pending” stamp would be appropriate for your business. We’re sure you can come up with quite a few of your own as well.

Perfect for the "friendly reminder" to your staff

We continue our countdown of the Top 5 Reasons You Need a Stamp with our number four entry, which will surely serve as a reminder to your staff what they can and cannot use.

It’s certainly a hot topic in Winnipeg these days – what can and can’t you do in certain lines of work when you receive certain opportunities to see certain events in our city. Leave aside the professional jealousy for a second – at times it’s just bad karma to take advantage of a gift received to an individual in the office that could easily be shared with others. Whether it’s as simple as a gift basket around the holidays or larger like tickets to a hockey game (not that we’re noting anything in particular mind you), there are certain gifts that really should be shared.

In this case, a stamped reminder that said token is Not For Personal Use will speak volumes and save you from potential harsh reactions down the line.

Fortunately for you, CanMark Industries in Winnipeg can make you a self-inking stamp that will deliver this message loud and clear. We’re all about getting word across efficiently and effectively, and we firmly believe that there is no better communication tool than a custom-made rubber stamp.

Thorstein Heins RIM
RIM's new boss is certainly making his mark. Make yours with CanMark!

Cue up the band, Paul Schafer, because it’s time for another Top 10 5 list.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve told you about the numerous reasons why you need a stamp. Well, after some careful deliberation in the office, we’re going to give you five reasons over the next few days as to why a CanMark stamp is necessary in your office.

Let’s start from the bottom at #5

Executive Changeover

Whether you’re a large company like Research in Motion (not that we’d pick on them or anything…) or just a smaller company in Winnipeg, changeover happens, at times without a moment’s notice. People come and go without a care in the world it seems these days.

So what is a company left to do in these situations? Simple – put a mark on the changes to a company with a new rubber stamp!

While the image above is a bit jestful in nature, it is something to seriously keep in mind. If you’re in a pinch with a new individual coming on board, a stamp prepared by CanMark Industries can help you make up temporary letterheads or business cards with your exec’s new information. This can be done cleanly and cost-effectively without going to the expense of a rush print job.

Stay tuned. You’re going to like what else we’ve cooked up for you.

We’ve all been at large conventions where we walk across a long hall, going up and down aisles and go booth to booth, talking to this person or another.

Not always, when we go on these hunts for potential business partners or vendors, do we go in prepared. After all, we’re human – maybe we understock on business cards or forget to ask the names of people we speak to.

In cases like these, any device available to us to help jog our memories is an invaluable asset.

So where do you turn to for easy identification for your staff or yourself when you go to such events? The answer is simple – name tags.

Yes, they may be an easy oversight, but name tags can prove invaluable for your business.

Think for a moment about the last time you were at a restaurant, for example. As we all know, the food service industry is one of the busiest in North America. How do the best restaurants get ahead? They build relationships with their customers, even if for the short time he or she is visiting, and end up getting repeat business from it.

While the food itself will bring people back through the door, the overall experience will cap off a pleasant dining session, and while you may forget your waiter or waitress’s name after the first “hello”, you will surely remember it when they have their name tag displayed, giving you a bit more personal connection in your interaction.

So before you start gearing up for your next event or convention, be sure to contact CanMark Industries Ltd. for information on our great name tags.

We’ve all been there at one point or another in our careers – the cubicle.

Walls that don’t reach the ceiling, desks that leave little space for anything but your files, little in terms of privacy, they can all wear on an employee as they sit in the same preformed area, tirelessly working away a their tasks.

The cubicle, while great for an office structure, can leave your employee with a bit of a demoralized feeling, especially if they are in a large company where they may not feel like their hard work is appreciated, and may be fearful that they may be next to go when the next round of staffing changes takes place.

To help set your employees’ minds at ease, give them more of a sense of belong and a greater feeling that their hard work is appreciated, consider outfitting their cubicles with nameplates. These simple – and easily affordable – plates will help give them more identity in the office and make them feel better about the place they work.

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to create your nameplates in only one fashion. While gold plates are quite familiar sights in offices across Winnipeg, you can get pretty creative with yours, including using different colour combinations, tactile and braille settings as well as your company’s logo.

To learn more about nameplates that CanMark Industries can provide for you, click here.

Being a business owner in Winnipeg,  you’re always on the lookout for a method of motivating your employees.

This usually comes down to two options – tickets to events like concerts or Jets games, or restaurant gift certificates.

While these are great gift ideas, they’re not quite going to be as motivational as you think. Sure, the recipient will feel good the day of and probably one day after, but what about two weeks from now when the food is long gone and the Bombers hit another losing streak? (Sorry for the low blow Paul.)

That’s why we truly believe that the best motivator is a plaque, award or similar commemoration which you can get directly from CanMark Industries here in Winnipeg. We have a variety of models to choose from that look great and will be a constant reminder for your employees – especially the over-anxious Gen Y’ers – that their hard work is greatly appreciated.

And guess what? They’re more affordable also!

That’s right. For a fraction of the cost of two tickets to Katy Perry you can give your valued employee a real sense of belonging and appreciation.

So if you’ve ever thought of kickstarting an Employee of the Month award or are coming up on awards season, be sure to check out CanMark Industries for your recognition needs.

The summer months are here and with it comes vacation time for employees in Winnipeg.

Yes friends, your office by now is a lot emptier than it was just a couple short months ago. The rotation of your staff and the notations of “in” and “out” on your wall-chart is probably driving you a little batty right about now.

While we can’t stop people from taking vacation, we can make them feel appreciated with they get back, and there’s nothing that makes people feel more welcome in an office than having a personalized item waiting for them on their desk.

So why not surprise your workers when everyone’s back in the office with some personalized supplies?

From Self-inking Stamps bearing your employees name to engraved desk tags and signs, the possibilities are endless for what you can do for your employees to show them that they are valued by your company, and in a tough market where recruiters are scooping employees quicker than ever, you want to have that advantageous stance and make sure your employees are feeling appreciated.

To learn more about great personal employee gifts, contact CanMark Industries today.

Green Line Stamp from CanMark Industries LtdThe summer is here officially, and the beautiful landscape that we now see in Winnipeg and around Manitoba is a stark reminder of just how beautiful nature can be and how much work we must do to protect it.

Throughout our city, efforts are ongoing to make our city one of the most environmentally conscious in the country. These efforts have become ever-present both in industry and in our home lives.

At CanMark, we have fully embraced this movement, and are proud to include the Green Line series of stamps in our array of self-inking stamps.

These stamps meet all EPA/GAS requirements for recycled content and only use water-based inks. Plus, they are re-inkable for extended life, are composed of 60-80% recycled plastic and are packaged in material made from 100% recycled unbleached paper fiber.

To learn more about the Green Line series of rubber stamps available in Winnipeg, call CanMark Industries today at (204) 775-8953.

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