If you have just landed yourself an office job or if you are dealing with a lot of paperwork, the best route to cutting your working time in half is to use self-inking stamps.

But before you do so, take note of some of these tips before purchasing, so you know what to get and what to do when you have your own self-inking stamp.

Self-inking vs. Pre-inked Stamps

Though both types have their own built-in ink, there are important differences that you should take into consideration. Self-inking stamps have a spring device that re-inks the stamp every time the stamp does an impression.

The downside to self-inking stamps as compared to pre-inked ones is that you have to re-ink them more frequently than pre-inked ones, because they use water-based ink.

With pre-inked stamps, on the other hand, the ink seeps into the design without the need for a spring device. Because of this, pre-inked stamps have clearer impressions because of the even distribution of the ink.

Refilling Self-inking Stamps

What you have to remember with self-inking stamps is the ink will run out in the long run. But you don’t have to worry because in as easy as three steps, you can replace the ink.

Just unlock the stamp mechanism, release the buttons of the design, and angle the stamp so you can reach the ink strip. Remove the ink strip and put in a few drops of ink on it. Lastly, put the ink strip back into the stamp and let out the excess ink on scratch paper before using it on your files.

Instead of handwriting repetitive information or even using traditional stamps that require you to spend extra time manually re-inking your stamp pad, try out a self-inking stamp so you can save precious business time.

If you have switched to using self-inking stamps instead of the traditional stamp on ink pad version, you will notice that you no longer need to have an ink pad beside you at all times in the event that you have to verify or approve documents.

While its built-in ink pad automatically moistens the stamp, the ink will run out after regular use, hence the need for a refill. Refilling self-inking stamps are surprisingly easy. Just follow the steps below and get back to stamping documents in thirty minutes or less.

1. Unlock the stamp mechanism to release the ink well. For some stamps, you have to press down to release the protrusion of buttons. You can hold the stamp at this angle so you can refill it.

2. If your stamp has an ink strip, you have to dislodge it and remove it from the stamp. You can find the ink strip in front of the stamp. Take care of ink strips that are attached to the stamp as you may destroy the stamp by pulling it completely off.

3. Next, you have to refill the ink strip. For most stamps, six to fifteen drop of ink on the ink strip will be enough. Always refill the ink strip with the color that has just dried out. Never mix colors, as this will affect the outcome of the impression.

4. Put the ink strip back inside the stamp and clean up the stamp. Do this by making impressions on a few pieces of scratch paper, as the first few impressions will be a little blurred or messy. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes before using on actual documents.

So if you want to have a stamp that saves time and effort, the self-inking stamp is the way to go.

Most office supplies have always been taken for granted. Whether it is a box of unsharpened pencils, colorful fasteners, or sticky notes, people assume that these are just basic equipment that would not need any innovations compared to electronic gadgets.

However, as seen with self-inking stamps, modifying and reinventing office supplies can actually help save time and money for office-based businesses.

Take the example of self-inking stamps. Before, stamps that are used in offices are the rubber ones which are then re-inked using an inkpad. For those who only work with these tools sparingly, there does not seem to be any wasted time. After all, how long does it take to re-ink a stamp on an inkpad and use it on paper?

But in reality, self-inking stamps offer more convenience and saves time for those who deal with several documents. The time needed for the separate motion of re-inking and using the stamp, when cumulated each day, adds to a significant amount of time.

This is addressed by self-inking stamps, which already holds its own replaceable inkpad. Self-inking stamps can be directly used on documents without the hassle of looking for the inkpad or manual re-inking. What’s more, some self-inking stamps can last up to 50,000 impressions, which make them worth the money.

Instead of rubber, self-inking stamps are made from plastic, metal or steel, and come in a variety of colors including black, green, red, and violet. Just like traditional stamps, you can personalize self-inking stamps, with a variety of sizes, shapes, and text designs to choose from.

Whether they are used in offices like public notaries or by employed individuals like attorneys, loan officers, and executives for document verification, self-inking stamps have shown their worth in terms of efficiency and economics in the business.

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