A wedding is the most special time of any person’s life. Each couple wants to make their wedding as memorable and as special as they can. They devote their time extensively to plan each and every detail as intricately as possible. After all, it is the day where you want everything to be perfect, just perfect!

You want each and every detail to portray elegance – one that captivates the viewers and leave them spell bounded. This means that no details should be overlooked when planning for your wedding in Winnipeg and this holds true for the first impression as well. The first impression is said to be the last impression and as with everything in life, you just can’t afford to go wrong with the first impression of your wedding.

In case you’re wondering what is the first impression of your wedding? It is your wedding envelope in which your wedding card is enclosed. You want your wedding card envelope to be as distinctive as possible and here, with help from CanMark, an embosser can be the perfect tool for you.

An embosser allows you to engrave a three-dimensional or raised image on your wedding envelope. You may have noticed its magnificent effect on important documents or official envelopes. An embosser will add an extremely elegant touch to your wedding envelope especially when you’re using it to emboss a special customized message. Using an embosser is as easy and convenient as using a stapler. The added grace of the embossing will help you to make your wedding envelope a piece of art in itself.

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We are a company that offers something for every business.

As you know, stamps and plaques are commonly used in everyday by businesses across a variety of industries in Winnipeg. Being a commercial entity, every aspect of a company represents it to their stakeholders and to customers. So, wouldn’t be nice if you could be distinguished in a manner which lets your customers know that you’re truly extraordinary. How? We told you – we have something for every business.

Business commonly use the same standard plaques for their purposes and just like clichéd expressions, these plaques tend to have their value diminished because of redundancy, even though they may be presented with the best of intentions. We offer high quality plaques that can be personalized as per your need to really convey that message of honour when you present that plaque to someone. This is something for every business’ benefit.

Similarly, why stick to the boring standard stamp? How about that the stamp be an advertisement of all the aspects of your business yourself – like a microcosm? If you have a creative stamp which catches the attention of the viewer and makes them truly appreciate your company’s attention to details, it will speak volumes regarding the service of your company and be an advertisement of your company. So if you’re looking for stamps that really do stand out the paper, we specialize in making customized stamps and have a track record of producing stamps as per the exact specification of shape, text and sizes.

Today’s market is too competitive to overlook small details. Make sure every aspect counts. After all, we are the company that has something for every business.

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Do you want to make a statement when you send out those year-end gifts? How about giving a gift that will make the receiver feel so special that it will become a monument for them? How about a gift that will exhibit your excellent taste and tell your loved ones how much you cherish them?

So why not give a plaque with a personalized message to honor the receiver and to give them a year-end gift that will adorn their walls or showcase for the times to come. A gift that will capture the attention of every passerby; one that the recipient will proudly tell them about it.

If you gift an item that is consumable, your gift will not manage to stay in the receiver’s memory. This is not what a gift stands for. The purpose of the gift is to tell the viewer that you truly cherish them and that you care for them enough to go out of your way to do something special for them. And of course, when you do that, you want that special thing to remain with them.

A plaque is a perfect year-end gift which serves this purpose beautifully. Not only will your loved one be extremely touched when they receive it, they will have the option to display it somewhere where they can easily see it everyday and show it to others.

Order the perfect gift of a personalized plaque from CanMark today to treat your loved ones to a year-end gift that they’ll remember forever.

Stamps that are usually available at stores are mass produced by the manufacturers to keep their costs down. In a Winnipeg marketplace of high competition, where every business wants to differentiate itself, you can’t afford to be stuck with the standard boring stamps which represent nothing but mediocrity.

For a business, each and every detail counts; just think of the difference that you can make in the mind of the consumers when your stamps become a representation of your company – your signature. A custom stamp can very well do that for you by representing your individuality and thus, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

CanMark prides itself on making it easy for you to do business with us! You don’t need to go through a tedious process to get your custom stamp; you can customize them online from our Stamp Design Wizard – a free tool that you can use from our website. The Stamp Design Wizard offers a large degree of customization that will make it easy for you to portray a uniquely personal and classy appearance to your consumers. The amount of customization options gives you endless possibilities – you can use different variation of text size, justification, borders, different styles and your very own logo, just like you want it to be. The Stamp Design Wizard also enables you to preview your stamps before ordering them to ensure that your stamp will be made exactly the way you want it to be.

You can also contact us directly to learn more about how CanMark Industries can help your business grow.

CanMark was proud to be a Presenting Sponsor for the 2011 Gratitude Gala which took place on October 21st at the Pantages Playhouse.

The Gratitude Gala benefited “Skills Mentorship Program for Refugee Employment in Manitoba”. The initiative, as noted on the Canadian Centre for Refugee Employment website, functions in the following areas:

  • Providing professional training to refugees through the Mentorship.
  • Increasing employment among refugees living in Manitoba.
  • Helping refugees become contributing members of their community and the economy.
  • Relieving poverty among newcomers and the refugee community living in Manitoba.
  • Increasing refugees understanding of important aspects of the Canadian workplace culture.

The event was highlighted by a keynote address from Montel Williams, world renowned as the host of his popular talk show which ran from 1991 to 2008 in syndication. Montel has been recognized multiple times for his work on the program, which included a Daytime Emmy in 1996. Since then, he hosted a radio show on the now defunct AirAmerica network and has had various acting gigs.

Most importantly, perhaps, Montel has been recognized as a major activist. He is the national spokesman for the U.S.-based Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) which helps low-income patients apply for reduced-priced prescription drugs.

The Gratitude Gala also included a musical performance by EXILE.Z.

CanMark continues to be committed to the Winnipeg community. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about other events and community efforts we are involved in.

The Winnipeg Free Press recently profiled CanMark Industries Ltd.’s centennial celebration in their business section.

Reporter Murray McNeill spoke with CanMark owner Terry Bias, who revealed some of our most popular sales items.

“We do name tags by the thousands, as well as door plates and desk signs,” Terry said.

Other interesting tidbits include that CanMark produces 5-10 corporate seals every morning and that rubber stamps still account for 40% of all business we do.

To read the full story, click here.

If you love paper crafting then you’re familiar with the benefits of using rubber stamps to create distinct, creative images and texts. In this blog, we’ll explain how to care for and store your stamps so that you can use them for years to come.

Care for Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are quite simple to manage when it comes to everyday care. If you use your stamps often, you may see that there are dry inks or glitters on the outline or edges of the image. Proper care of rubber—or even acrylic—stamps means doing the proper way of cleaning them from the foreign material they are dipped into.

The first method of cleaning a stamp with fresh ink on it is by stamping it several times on a piece of paper towel or tissue. Stamp it until there is no more ink visible on the tissue. This should be done every time you use a different color of ink so that the previous and new ink will not combine and ruin your output.

Another way of cleaning is by placing it under running water and brushing the inked area with an old toothbrush. Be careful because overdoing this might cause the wood to warp. Allow it to dry before using it for another application.

Store of Rubber Stamps

Like all craft materials, rubber stamps must be stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. If you have several stamps, placing them neatly in transparent plastic containers is good. Click here to see the wide selection of rubber stamps available at CanMark Industries Winnipeg.

CanMark Industries Winnipeg now carries the new line of COLOP stamps that prevent bacteria from spreading through your office. The new product line, Microban features self-inking stamps that prevent bacteria and microbial spread and promote cleanliness and long life for the stamp. Microbial stamps are infused with microbe-fighting technology called Microban 3G Silver. Similar to a coating of hand sanitizer, it protects the surface and parts of stamps from stain and odor causing bacteria so the stamps stay clean and odor-free longer.

Microban Anti-bacterial Protection

Microban is infused into the product’s handle and image window during the manufacturing process so the protective coating does not wear away. This is especially useful in busy offices, schools, and government buildings where stamps are used by several people and borrowing cannot be prevented.

Stamps with Microban

COLOP has a Printer Line and Classic Line of stamps that utilize the Microban technology. Each line allows customers to choose the stamps the best suit their needs according to imprint size, handle color, number of lines from three to eight, special signs, and date height. For your convenience, all Microban stamps come with spare pads. Order your Microban stamp today from CanMark Industries Winnipeg.

More and more businesses are going green and coming out with products that minimize their impact on the environment. CanMark Industries Winnipeg has joined in this movement and is now carrying the bestselling line of Greenline eco-friendly stamps.

Greenline Eco-friendly Stamps

Greenline has a wide range of stamps that cater to both home and business users. The Printer Line is made out of more than 80 percent recycled plastic and it features a large index window where imprint details can be placed.

The Class Line is made out of more than 75 percent recycled plastic and comes in four models. Its sleek handle is made of oiled, European beech that has been recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for being environmentally-friendly.

The Printer S200 Line is more than a complete solution to industrial stamping needs. Made of 80 percent recycled plastic, the design is both eco-friendly and sturdy. The Printer S200 comes in four models and features stopper feet to keep it in place while stamping.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Stamps

COLOP shows that stamps can be sturdy and environmentally friendly by using certified wood and recycled plastic in their Greeline of stamps. Contact CanMark Industries to learn how to integrate eco-friendly stamps into your business or home.

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